Commissioning of data center equipment performed by William Tao and Associates.

WTA has a long history in commissioning, even before it became widespread.  We are a Certified Commissioning Firm (CCF) through the Building Commissioning Association (BCxA) with Certified Commissioning Professionals (CCP) on staff.  Our experience in delivering commissioning services is extensive and varied.  Participation in the established LEED program is a natural extension of our continuing development of this service offering.

Our commissioning projects have been initiated during all phases of project development: pre-design, design review, pre-construction, pre-occupancy, and post-occupancy.  We offer all commissioning services including LEED commissioning, existing building commissioning, retro-commissioning, cGMP commissioning, critical environment commissioning, and life safety systems commissioning.

Commissioning of power equipment performed by William Tao and Associates.
Commissioning of electrical and mechanical equipment.
Commissioning of mechanical HVAC systems.