Sustainable Design

LEED Platinum St. Louis, MO PK-12 educational building with photovoltaic array electrically engineered by William Tao and Associates.

WTA has practiced energy and environmentally conscious design for over 50 years.  We offer services that may be used individually or in conjunction with other services to provide a clear understanding of a project’s technical aspects.

We are involved with various sustainable design programs including LEED, Green Globes, and Energy Star.  Many of our staff are accredited and have helped clients achieve optimal ratings within these programs.  Our portfolio includes over 40 projects, throughout the U.S., in various stages of progress from registration to certification.

Higher education LEED Gold building with mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection engineering as well as lighting controls and technology design.

LEED Platinum educational facility with engineering by William Tao & Associates.
Higher education facility with sustainable design elements including advanced daylighting and dimming control system, high efficiency HVAC system, water conserving fixtures and rainwater harvesting.